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Diving Base welcomes both beginners and experienced lovers of the underwater world.

With pleasure we will take you on a cruise boat comfortable and fun, full of charm dive sites. Discover with us the most beautiful reefs and mysterious sunken shipwrecks and all that is in its wealth of natural attractions and has to offer the Red Sea. .

Diving Base an experienced staff, unforgettable experience, lowest prices and terrific adventure.

Our dive center is located in Hurghada. It is a place that offers a beautiful coral reef with lots of interesting places undiscovered. .

In order to survive this adventure from Busy enough to move with the U.S. boat to the underwater world of the Red Sea ...

On our site you will find information on diving courses, which will arrange for you in Hurghada, diving organization information for people with a license, and for those who are just starting their adventure with diving.

We also have a suggestion for those who want to enjoy the underwater world snorkeling so, the simplest form of observing marine life with a mask and fins.

You can view a photo gallery, made ??by us or by the client. Can you see what it is waiting here on the site. while scuba diving in the Red Sea.

The most important goal for us is to provide you personal attention during the course as well as during the dive, proportionate to the level of training and experience.

To experience this unforgettable adventure enough to move with us to the underwater world of the Red Sea. - Blog Directory

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