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Instructor - extensive experience in working jnurka, a good knowledge of the terrain diving in Hurghada is a guarantee of a successful dive. Responsible, conscientious and great passion are just some of its many advantages.


manager, custodian tours - be with you on a boat to assist with a smile on his face will greet you every day, will conduct the briefing in their native language. And after a dive, once the sun goes down will show you the unusual places in Hurghada, will try to answer all your questions and share the prevailing atmosphere and charm here diving in Hurghada, so that you feel at home.

About Us | Hurghada Diving Base

We cordially invite all lovers of diving, as well as those who would like to begin the adventure of diving into our Diving Base.
We live in Hurghada, our passion is diving, which provides us with incredible experience every day. But we'd like to share with you that what we experience every day enjoying the richness and beauty of the underwater world of the Red Sea.
The site has been developed for active scuba-diving and, those who do not dive and would like to try and experience what we every day.

>> Why

Hurghada Diving Base an experienced staff that will provide you with assistance during the dive, the highest level of service, a smile on his face and an unforgettable experience.

Our dive center is located in Hurghada. It is a place that offers a beautiful coral reef with lots of interesting places undiscovered.
In order to survive this adventure just moved Busy Work with us to the underwater world of the Red Sea ...

Diving discover each other again, overcome their weaknesses and fears, each defeated meter is a success because it's just ...


Great pleasure we will get to know anyone interested in diving in Egypt in the Red Sea.


Dive Master - Guide diving, responsible, diligent will take you on an underwater journey in various parts of the Red Sea.


helper on the boat, helpful, his task is to prepare equipment - supervision


helper on the boat, smiling, honest, person responsible for preparing the zanużenia, guide snorklingu,

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