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Diving Base is for you an attractive offer, the opportunity to discover unique places to spend time in the midst of the waves and the gentle rocking waters of one of the most beautiful waters in the world.

We guarantee that one day is with us is a unique opportunity to reach the underwater realm,
Here you can discover different types of fish seen so far only a glass aquarium.

We offer you:
transfer from the hotel to the assembly,
equipment necessary for diving ie mask, fins, foam,
double descent into the water,
the possibility of "snorkeling"
basic and advanced diving courses PADI and CMAS
day and night diving aqualungiem, from a boat or from the shore,
    the beautiful reefs and wrecks of the Red Sea
Intro - introductory dive with aqualungiem, under the supervision of an instructor,
    for those without certification

In addition to the unforgettable sights, the database provides:
high-quality care diving instructor who dives during the trip and provides professional service, a friendly atmosphere and makes sure safe diving rules
to dive left impressed niezaponianym provide servicing equipment on a regular basis,

And when the sun goes down ....

We will show you places where you can smoke Hurghada shiszę, live music, dance salsa, relax and unwind. We will also answer your questions and share the atmosphere prevailing here, the atmosphere of diving in Hurghada.

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